Printy Pots

My pottery is a marriage of ceramics and printmaking. I have a deep passion for clay, both hand building and wheel throwing. Also, I have years of experience in relief prints. I carve designs and scenes into printers linoleum, and then print them onto the clay. Clay has replaced paper as my medium, and underglazes have become my ink (though they’re far more difficult to manipulate than printing ink). As a long term resident of DC, I’m drawn to illustrating our unique rowhouses and colorful neighborhoods. I love printing these houses one right next to another, and giving each of them life and personality. After printing the image onto clay, I hand-build the prints into mugs and plates. All of my work in clay involves some form of carving and printing, including my jewelry pendants, Christmas ornaments, and light switch plates. Clay, carving, color, and printmaking take me to my happy place.