Hull Street Studio

Being a voracious reader with a natural curiosity led me to my current passion as a paper artist. Trained as an illustrator and watercolorist, I utilized color and a single element to convey the emotions and details of a story. Faced with so much disposable pop culture headed for the landfill, I challenged myself to give new life to old books and magazines. Drawing inspiration from the books I love, my art showcases animals, children’s literature, cooking, the sea and space exploration, among other themes. I use my skills as an illustrator to design deceptively simple and fun paper cut designs. Where others see an advertisement, illustration or editorial photo in a book or magazine, I see pattern and color which I re-imagine by recombining into happy, vibrantly colored backgrounds. By combining original designs, modern paper cutting, and recycled paper, I create truly one of a kind pieces of boldly colored framed collages.